Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sony A820

The A820 series is Sony’s latest and flagship in the Walkman line up. As the head honcho of the family, the A820 is the first to sport Bluetooth audio. Unlike recent Samsung players which support extended Bluetooth features, this Sony only supports Bluetooth audio transfer and control. If you have used any of the more recent Sony Walkmans you will get a near identical experience since the interface and the features are the same. The only new thing here is the addition of Bluetooth, larger screen, and different form factor.

The A820 is the best sounding out of the box MP3 player (aside from the same A810 experience) meaning that if you don’t want to purchase any additional headphones, this is the best sounding all in one box solution (but again you get the same experience from the Sony A810 and A720). The playback for pictures and video are identical to the rest of the recent Sony line up; reading the A810 review will give you full explanation. For a basic summary, the A820 does a really nice job of video playback. It does require video to be in a specific MP4 (H.264) format but that is not worries since there is already a lot of content out there since the iPod and PSP uses the same format. Converting your own content is also a breeze since; again, plenty of tools exist because of the iPod and also PSP.

The Sony A820 Walkman is a great example of a device where the whole really does exceed the sum of its parts. There are literally hundreds of MP3 players on the market but few offer such a comprehensive list of features and even fewer are able to excel in each department. If Sony can release the A820 at a realistic price-point then I think it will be a winner. If its price in on a par with the likes of Apple and SanDisk then I will definitely be considering one myself!

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  1. I had a Samsung E250 I found it Useless if i listened to Music the Battery Would empty I hope this Sony A820 is a lot less power hungry than it's Rivals The E250 was not the only Phone in this Class that Had Such Problems.This A820 looks Much better anyway

  2. @jerova
    thanks ^^

    actually A820 series better than the earlier series and it is much longer enough for music only



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