Sunday, May 17, 2009

Creative Zen X-Fi

The new Zen X-Fi is an updated version of Zen, but with added wireless features and X-Fi sound enhancement. Like many players today, X-Fi comes with bases: USB cable, earphones EP-830, Zen X-Fi Set the disc and the Quick Start Guide. Creative also released some accessories, including formal screen protector, arm band, silicon case, leather case and a speaker dock.

Creative Zen X-Fi provides a huge range of possibilities, especially considering the price, making it easier to start, which does not show. No audio recording or video (we especially like the second), and you do not receive a Bluetooth connection. Sampling of dishes includes support for MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA (including subscription), audio and video, AVI, MPEG4, and WMV video (transcoding often), and JPEG photos. It also has built-in microphone for voice recording and FM radio with AutoScan and 32 preset slots. And Creative includes basic PIM functionality: you can sync contacts, tasks and calendar information from Outlook to the device. You also have the usual shuffle and repeat playback modes, handy contextual menus and the ability to search for artists and songs as well as rate songs on the fly, and define up to 10 bookmarks. Nine preset EQs, a five-band user-definable mode, and low to stimulate the function of ensuring that you can adjust sound to your liking. Even built-in speaker for sharing music.

Sound quality is top-notch, the screen is lovely, and the rated battery life for audio is impressive. You will find the same video experience with the Zen X-Fi as you did with the Zen. Overall it is a good experience. Video playback is smooth, not too different than what you would see on your computer LCD screen. The X-Fi follows the same video type as the Zen, so most video must be transcoded to one of the accepted video codecs (WMV, MPEG4-SP, Divx 4/5, Xvid, and MJPEG). All of these are of 320x240 resolutions. Converting your videos is pretty easy with Creative Centrale.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creative Zen

The Creative Zen sounds fantastic and features a brilliant color screen capable of displaying images and video. The player offers a smorgasbord of desirable extras such as an SD card slot for expansion, an FM radio, voice recorder, and user-definable EQ. It is Slim, handy pocket design is easy to use, supports subscription music, sports, and reasonable prices. This new Zen--which comes in 2GB ($79.99), 4GB ($99.99), 8GB ($129.99), 16GB ($199.99), and 32GB ($299.99) versions.

A short USB cable, the Zen player, earbuds, and Creative's Media software are the things inside the box. The Creative does have a nice line-up of optional accessories, mainly cases. There is a silicon case, hard plastic case, leather case, neoprene like armband, and screen protector . You may see some speaker docks and other third-party cases in the future.

The Zen is slightly larger than a credit card and about the thickness of a CD jewel case. The player's exterior is made entirely out of plastic. The back has a matte finish that fends off nearly all possibilities of scratches. The front face of the player is made of a very hard glossy plastic. Creative has upped the ante on the screen, pushing it, as mentioned, to an impressive 16.7 million colors - up from 267 thousand on previous model. It is a great looking screen, accurately producing colors for photos. Video looks great as well: true colors and fast response times. The Zen sounds great like most of those in the Zen family.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creative Zen V Plus

Creative Zen V Plus offers a beautiful hand pocket design without compromising screen real estate as well as a bright OLED screen to view from any angle. The player is packed to the gills with features, including FM radio, voice and line in recording, photo and video, as well as compatibility with subscription WMA tracks. This is the first flash player to be offered up to 16GB of memory. Well, the sound quality and the battery is great.

Zen V Plus feels good in your hands - it's as easy, polished river stone. This is one of those things they need, even if you do not use it. The player is light and plastic, but it makes sense durability. The best way to describe the Zen V is the quality of construction is so well made toy.

Its bright 1.5-inch screen and colorful, bright, but not enough to be very visible in bright light. Zen V Plus is small and rounded and can fit on an armband easily. The player supports MP3, WAV, WMA, Audio, MPEG-4, WMV and DivX. In FM tuner, line in recording, and 20 hours of battery life make this a winner. The battery is very popular in 15 hours! When was the last time you saw a real life over the expected life specified by the manufacturer?

If you are looking for an alternative to the iPod nano, which is here. The Zen V Plus looks great, has lots of features and accessories, as well as excellent battery life.

Creative Zen V Plus [CNET]



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