Monday, June 8, 2009

Samsung P2

The Samsung P2 offers fantastic audio quality and a large, brilliant touch screen. The interface is fun and customizable, and the player is packed with features including video playback, a great FM radio, support for subscription music and Datacasts, and a plethora of sound enhancement options. Bluetooth also plays a supporting role in the feature set, giving the player the ability to connect to wireless headphones and to your mobile phone (in future updates). The near-buttonless design comes together very nicely with a solid build quality common to Samsung’s portable devices. Wrapped inside this player is a well thought out interface that most people will be able to just pick up and use. Despite a few complaints, the P2 is definitely something to consider even though it commands a higher price than similar capacity MP3 players.

The P2’s sound quality is very good and will work well with higher end IEMs and headphones. Sound quality will impress the majority, but for those who are listening to their P2 in quiet listening environments with an ultra high-end setup, I will go into a bit more detail. Being overly critical on sound quality, I find the mid bass is lacking clarity, running into the lower end bass. The highs tend to be very bright, stating this not as a good or bad aspect, but more of a personal preference of sonic characteristics. Again, that was for the audio snobs, the rest of you will be very happy with the P2’s sound quality. Samsung uses a sound technology called DNSe. The P2 sounds good at a flat EQ, but for those who want a little more control, the 7-band EQ will do the trick. It works well and is very responsive.

Video on the P2 looks great especially on its bright, clear screen. It is smooth and the pixels are quick. The player supports two different file types in two different resolutions:

SVI (Video: MPEG4, Audio: MP3 (44.1kHz 16bit Stereo, 128kbps), Resolution: 480x272, Frame Rate: 30fps)

WMV9 (Video: WMV9 Simple Profile, Audio: WMA9 (Max 860kbps), Resolution: 320x240 or 480x272, Frame Rate: 30fps

Clearly, the Samsung P2 is an audio enthusiast's MP3 player. Music sounds simply fantastic, and the nine-band user EQ--a rarity--makes it easy to fine-tune audio to your exact specifications. Overall, the P2 provides a highly pleasant and engaging listening experience.

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  1. How about the price? is it reasonable?

  2. @dana telco
    it is worthed if it is compare with the sound ^^



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