Monday, June 1, 2009

Creative Zen Mozaic

The Creative Zen Mozaic offers a unique design, great sound quality, and a sweet, customizable interface. It's packed with features such as an FM radio, a voice recorder, a built-in speaker, and photo and video support. The player is also a good value, and video battery life is exceptional. It offers great bang for your buck as far as MP3 players go: get super sound quality, a boatload of features, and a cool interface--all wrapped in a funky design at an ultralow price. Device type: Digital player / radio ; Flash memory installed: 4 GB ; Digital player supported digital audio standards: MP3 , WAV , WMA , ADPCM , Audible , Protected WMA (DRM 9) , Protected WMA (DRM 10)

The Creative ZEN Mozaic comes complete with an impressive built-in speaker, vibrant 1.8-inch LCD colour screen, FM radio and voice recorder. Weighing just 43g and measuring 79.5mm x 40mm x 12.8mm, the super compact Creative ZEN Mozaic provides up to 32 hours of audio playback with a single charge of the battery. Also available at a later date are 8GB and 16GB models. It with a standard USB cable, earbuds, and Creative Centrale media player/organizer software. Creative does sell a few accessories to go with it like various cases, armbands, and pouches.

The sound quality for the average user who plans on sporting the included earbuds or a mild upgrade will be just fine. One of the more differentiating features on the Zen Mozaic is the built in speaker. This is always nice for podcast and audiobooks, keeping you unfettered. The speaker will work okay in a slam room and sitting at your desk in a fairly quite environment, but like any tiny speaker it won’t go much further than that. It is definitely something many will only want to use for spoken word audio, since music and quickly become fatiguing to your ears.

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