Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creative Zen

The Creative Zen sounds fantastic and features a brilliant color screen capable of displaying images and video. The player offers a smorgasbord of desirable extras such as an SD card slot for expansion, an FM radio, voice recorder, and user-definable EQ. It is Slim, handy pocket design is easy to use, supports subscription music, sports, and reasonable prices. This new Zen--which comes in 2GB ($79.99), 4GB ($99.99), 8GB ($129.99), 16GB ($199.99), and 32GB ($299.99) versions.

A short USB cable, the Zen player, earbuds, and Creative's Media software are the things inside the box. The Creative does have a nice line-up of optional accessories, mainly cases. There is a silicon case, hard plastic case, leather case, neoprene like armband, and screen protector . You may see some speaker docks and other third-party cases in the future.

The Zen is slightly larger than a credit card and about the thickness of a CD jewel case. The player's exterior is made entirely out of plastic. The back has a matte finish that fends off nearly all possibilities of scratches. The front face of the player is made of a very hard glossy plastic. Creative has upped the ante on the screen, pushing it, as mentioned, to an impressive 16.7 million colors - up from 267 thousand on previous model. It is a great looking screen, accurately producing colors for photos. Video looks great as well: true colors and fast response times. The Zen sounds great like most of those in the Zen family.

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